Thursday, March 8, 2012

what these rss/vhp clowns r telling us

they tell we were victimised/marauded/defeated by the islamic regimes.

the fact is that the islamic regimes made a hostile takeover of the ceo job of this country. none of them ever attempted to make a systematic conversion.

they knew what they were up against, an ancient civilisation, which could kill, at will, with brutality, when sure that the opponent needed to be decimated.

these fools of the rss/vhp must not be allowed anymore to make a sick joke of ourselves, how can any of us be seen walking with khaki shorts and sticks in our own land, where we live with our jain, muslim, christian, atheist cohabitants.

only the sickest and the saddest will enroll as a member of the vhp/rss.

we knew what life is, we were living it. When there were some influences from outside in the form of invasions, we were open and inquisitive for the new, the new culture, the new thinking, the new technology.

we were not sick diseased idiots, neither were we imprisoned by any book, to turn out and to oppose the new.

that is the height of our civilisational achievement.

now, here, come along some fools, grouped under the names of rss/vhp/bjp etc.

and they even have a hero, a guy called narendra modi. we can never be forgiven for entertaining such idiots.

it is time to put an end to such jokes.

when the people of the indian subcontinent want to kill, they kill unlike any other.

the beheadings by alqaeda are the work of children.

if the brahmin or a brahmin thinking has not contributed to this most vilest of human incidents, then what has contributed.

would not the entire brahmin race have to bear the responsibility for this crime that has not occurred anywhere else?

would not each and every brahmin associated with this website have to face the responsibility for this?

is this not what these brahmins are working towards, for the depth of ignorance and superstition.

the brahmins are at the last stages of the slack given to them, to give up their quest of spreading vileness, superstitions, and mantras. these diseased people who go about propagating such sicknesses are going to face the blow of truth, the subramanian swamys, the cho ramasamys, and the diseases working in various websites will better stop their sick quest, for their own good.

nature will allow diseases to spread, and then bring a close also.

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