Monday, March 26, 2012

the scoundrels

anna hazare
arvind kejriwal
kiran bedi
shaina or shiny who has taken to talking on tv
and all others who are a part of the so-called team anna.

scoundrel is defined as an unprincipled, dishonorable person. also as mean or base in nature. these descriptions can be termed as the most decent words that anyone can speak about these characters.

ideally, they should be termed as bastards, described as a vicious, despicable or thoroughly disliked person. further more perfectly described as something irregular, inferior, spurious or unusual. but, since the word has other meanings, the bastards escape from this description.

if these scoundrels do not form a party and try to get the people's mandate, then these scoundrels will be termed scum. if they do that, then they can try to shake off the tag of scoundrel, but it will not be shaken off easily.

scum is defined as a low, worthless or evil person.

The scum duo of prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy will be enlarged to include all these scoundrels and they will become the scum of India.

At the moment, these scoundrels are talking without the least idea of life, dignity and honour.

The fellow, siddharth varadarajan, could not resist putting this emittance of the prime scoundrel on the front page of his paper.

fellow is defined as a person of small worth or no esteem.

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