Thursday, May 5, 2011

wonder of wonders

a person being investigated in a case and who is in judicial custody asks the court to get the media to exercise self restraint.

what does the judge tell the petitioner/applicant?

The court asks him to exercise “self-restraint” on his own part, without going into the matter raised by the applicant.

does such a person merit being a judge?

this judge tells the wide world through the media that the applicant can be vilified at will by the media, as this judge is currently hearing the accusations against the applicant.

In the interim, the media can indulge in any kind of speculation, and the petitioner asks the court which has remanded him to custody to shield him from unrestrained reporting.

the judge is not competent to ensure an atmosphere of calm. when the petitioner pleads with him to shield his reputation, the judge retorts that he does not deserve any such shield.

why does the applicant not need any such shield?

because, he is obviously a wrong-doer.

how is he obviously a wrongdoer when the court is itself hearing the case against the applicant.

because the judge knows already, as does the media and as do some other people possibly, that the applicant is obviously guilty.

the case is just a process where this is given the judicial stamp.

In India, obviously guilty people should not ask for self-restraint from the media.

because they are already obviously guilty.

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