Saturday, April 16, 2011


a few amongst us were talking about change in the last few weeks. They did not and could not specify the particular reasons for their desire. If they had attempted, they would have found that there was not any necessity for change. But, these people were just generally voicing what they thought was a democratic exercise. They felt that elections are the time to bring about a change in government. They had no time to consider the quality of the opposition that they were attempting to consider.

A democratic movement is sought to be replaced by a one-woman centric party. The leader of this opposition party has not been able to realise the dignity of democracy when she stumbled upon the post of chief minister on two occasions in the past. Throughout the recent past, the members of this opposition party have quit in significant numbers, as have its leaders.

The DMK, which represents the democratic movement that is striving for the people to regain their lost culture, is sought to be replaced by some of our urban folk, with this one-woman party.

The only possible reason that ca be adduced for this behaviour is a disconnect with the process of governance.

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