Saturday, November 20, 2010

the process of consultation for unified license

some of the questions raised include:

How the oligopoly of operators created shall help attain the objectives of
NTP99? Unified licensing is not possible under present telecom policy and
TRAI Act. TRAI failed to discuss how NTP objectives would be met.
iii) How to safeguard the consumers interests in the new era of
Oligoliths/Monoliths that shall be created?
iv) Impact of unified license on the state owned entities as the BSNL and MTNL:
v) Impact of unified license upon WLL-M service:
vi) Unified licence whether the same would be having territorial limitations or not
e.g. CMTS license holder in Delhi does not have FSP license for Delhi but
has FSP license for MP would it also be covered under the unified license.

at the time of adoption of a new policy, the opinions are innumerable and mind-boggling for the decision maker.

a minister who stuck to the existing policy and enabled rollover of services is targeted by the fools
of the electronic media with words such as LOOT. and there are some politicians who want ARREST.

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