Friday, February 12, 2010


as the london conference offered a chance to the taliban to seek a way out,the west seems to be most reasonable and the taliban will come out as the most intransigent.
every country and society will have at its core , a people who do not compromise and who will never bow before any outside force.
i passed by a statue of dheeran chinnamalai in Guindy and saw the story of his life inscribed around the statue.
an uncompromising warrior who had no intention of accepting the offer of dialogue from  rulers who were from outside the area.

the taliban can also be said to be in this category except that they have become identified by their religion and their zeal to implement it in some kind of a strict sense.
their rule over their country was abruptly ended because they gave refuge to some people on the basis of a shared religion.
if they just insist on the ouster of the outsider and do not make it as a matter of religion ,they will make great progress.
as the americans and the british gear up to launch an offensive,there might be many who are going to fight to the finish.
islam also can be said to imprison the palestinian people.
if they keep their religion aside,and use it to give them purpose and discipline,and just talk about the legal angle,the matter will be resolved quite easily.
making it out as some christian versus muslim thing is just going to make a good talking point.

if a dheeran chinnamalai can fight against the outsider and a bhagat singh can fight against the outsider,why cannot a velupillai prabakaran fight against the outsider.
our prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was led into attempting to resolve the issue without also probably realising that somethings are beyond settlement.
Rajiv Gandhi had achieved success in punjab and mizoram because of his spirit and his personality.
the same spirit drew him into the island of ceylon where the most saddest event of a prime minister of a visiting country being attacked while reviewing a guard of honour,took place.
the congress leaders of tamilnadu will need to recollect that incident and realise that a tragedy of a young prime minister getting embroiled in a situation of deep polarisation cannot be used to make a mockery of a nation and its suffering people.

the taliban leadership as well as the thackerays of mumbai are examples of politics without serious introspection and dedication.the failure of rising up to the occasion and utilising the opportunities is being shielded by a refuge into the most basic type of extremism.these politicians do not have the spirit to believe in their ability to achieve their goals on the strength of their convictions.they think that they are warriors for allah and shiva.allah and shiva are ultimately the one and the same as is also the sivan of south india and these politicians might also know this fact..if it is political dominance that these groups aspire for,they have to try to achieve it without using shiva or allah as an alibi.
some purpose might have been served at some time by such political acts but to believe that one is therefore indispensable and that one has the right to be boorish forever is has to work ceaselessly to gain a standing and to achieve a cherished goal.
the tamil people of tamilnadu and eelam have been lucky to gain leaders who have possessed the passion and the purpose along with the calibre.

why did the british need to get their hands on the reins of power if all they wanted to do was had always been going on and there would not have been any out of the blue breach of contracts.if there is a product or a commodity then it will surely be traded.why did capitalism need the obsession to conquer every trade and every territory.finally,losing at home itself.and creating dictators and disrupting established systems all oer the world.the americans will probably still be dreaming of having their armies in every country of the world.iran,india and china stand in the way.if iran is taken out,india and china can be made to cancel each other out.leaving russia which will not probably be as strong without putin.
capitalism is great if it has moderations and if it does not have the arrogance to believe that it is the best.
the right mix,as always,is seen in Tamilnadu.

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