Monday, December 7, 2009


the administrative efficiency can improve if smaller areas are brought into existence.if the jurisdiction is small,there will be better coverage by the bureaucracy.
this argument can be made with facts and a smaller state can be evolved.
if the facts are not allowing a clear cut case to be made for the new unit to be formed,the demand will peter out.
while it might serve to remove the linguistic character of the presently existing states,the same demand might be made in other cases,the other big states have already been hived off.after andhra,it might be the backward areas of north karnataka which have a major disconnect with southern karnataka in terms of political weightage.the argument has already been made for coorg and also one extremely crazy demand for north tamilnadu.
beyond a point,the demands will lose their potential for better administration.
the crucial point will be the unmanageableness of parliament.
today,we have witnessed the jd(u) and the sp attacking the congress in parliament in the debate over the liberhan report.political compulsions will result in more cobbled alliances which will act more in the interest of the alliance than in the larger interest.
parliament will turn out to be a dysfunctional mess where a central spine will not be holding together in the face of hundreds of regional parties.given the unevenness of our social groups and formations,there will not be the ability to look forward with unity;there will only be the need to get together for the necessity of the moment.
the andhra pradesh government can designate a minister for telengana and can also ask for a 20 year period in which it would ensure even development all over the state.
at the end of twenty years,there can be a relook and if needed,a state can be formed.

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BK Chowla said...

In my opinion, it is easies to manage smaller states. But,Telangana is now on political boil, let us see where it goes.