Tuesday, December 8, 2009

impasse before dialogue

the possibilities of dialogue are not explored before the attractions of violence take over.the pakistani taliban have not tried to reach an agreement with the democratic setup but have instead set out to destabilise the setup.
the maoists in our midst also do not want to have a reasonable dialogue and continue to hold out.
in iraq too,there have been five bomb blasts today inspite of a dialogue taking place through the political process.
when an issue is raised by a group,it is the responsibility of the people in government to listen to every grievance and resolve it satisfactorily or at least explain sincerely and convincingly.
in the case of eelam,the gun was resorted to after two decades of attempts at regaining the say of the tamils failed.
in pakistan,have the taliban tried to take their grievances to the government?
there cannot be any issue that can be talked out with each side trying to understand the viewpoint of the other.

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