Monday, January 26, 2009

war strategy of the eelam army

the eelam army would have managed to retain a core fighting strength of a minimum of 5000 soldiers and atleast a 1000 seamen and airmen.

the sri lankan army is said to consist of 200,000 fighters.

having pushed the eelam army out of its territory,the sri lankan army would have to spread itself thin to maintain a presence over all of the captured territory.

the eelam army would have considered a strategy of leaving behind units of 50 soldiers each in the areas from which it has withdrawn to launch attacks from within.

the territory from which the eelam army has withdrawn is around 2000 sq kms and consists of atleast twenty towns.

if the sri lankan army has stationed at least two thousand men in each town,that would work out to around fifty thousand men manning the captured towns.

these two thousand men would now be isolated targets for guerilla units of the eelam army which can plan and assault.

the highways would be mined and attacks would be launched on convoys.

the war in mullaithivu would be strategised to outcircle the advancing weary army.

considering all of these options that would have gone into the planning of the eelam army,the sri lankan war govts desperation would turn towards targeting the civilians who would fill the ranks soon,which it has begun to do in the first month of 2009,and in the final months of 2008.

the moot point is whether the eelam airforce would be justified if it undertakes bombings in the south.

the only sane explanation for all the effort expended into the war in the last two years would be that this is the final bargaining act to define the boundaries of the new nation that is going to come into existence.

these two years should allow the warring sides to arrive at a final definite agreement with regard to the boundaries so that they are able to begin a harmonious existence as friendly neighbours.

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