Friday, January 23, 2009

the congress party and tamil eelam

the indian establishment has been working behind the scenes towards ending the traumatic war in ceylon by facilitating the establishment of Eelam.
there have not been any overt backings towards the sri lankan efforts to act out the impossible.
whatever needs to be done to retain a say and a hold have been done.
the Eelam army, will have retained the ability to hit back and retain the areas which it has lost.
if that is managed by the Eelam army,the dawn of Eelam is not very far away.
the sri lankans have sought to minimise the territory of the new country by pushing back the Eelam army as much as possible so that the Eelam army is not able to reach its ideal boundaries.
a final agreement would have to be acceptable to the opposition in sri lanka.
mahinda rajapakse might have begun the process of finalising the boundaries with the government of India.
The Indian government will also be thinking about guiding the transformation of Eelam into a democracy.

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