Monday, December 1, 2008


Arnab goswami said that his channel does not have any agendas.
that is most probably true,the channel has no agenda,no idea whatsover about how to deal with tragedy effectively and decently.
if we are a nation of fools,times now is perfectly justified in raising the five questions that they have raised.
times now might be a channel of fools but are we a nation of fools that the channel poses such questions which seriously suggest that we are a group of morons.
else,the channel might have the agenda of allowing every one it can reach to voice some frustration albeit misdirected and maybe misguided and feel good about it.
at the end of the process,we would have allowed a tv channel to guide us towards collective idiocy and lunacy in the name of free expression of opinions.
our anger needs to be directed at the terrorists who have redefined the depths of shameful behaviour that the world has witnessed and not at our selves and the system that we have patiently built up.
is there not one tv channel out there which can summon some wisdom instead of inviting people who are seized by the moment into uttering words of recklessness.
times now has probably decided to stage a coup in the country and assume power.
and the idiots over there seem to think that they are doing the public a service.

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