Thursday, November 6, 2008

who is anti hindu

the supporters of the bjp can be seen all over the internet mouthing the accusation that hindus are cowards.
all self respecting people who consider themselves hindu should stay clear of this group of people who go around attributing cowardice to their entire group.
there should be a fact finding mission to find out which part of the so called hinduism identifies itself with this line of thinking ,
this part can then be suitably counselled.

What constitutes cowardice should actually be examined.
do groups of people who use their numbers to inflict injury on helpless people who are totally unprepared fall into this category?

The next thing that should be examined is whether man should expose himself to the thinking of other people in other parts of the world.
Those who say no should go back to the days of sati and child marriage,the days of untouchability.

The question that follows is when were the people of the south as well as the north exposed to war and what constituted war,Was it about arm wrestling or did it include bloodshed?

Who would have defined a boundary stating that we will have war with the people from upto that boundary,"any army from beyond that boundary will not be fought by us as we invoke cowardice collectively"..

Who would have defined that any religious thinking from upto that boundary will be acceptable to us,"any religious thinking even if from 100 kms across the boundary will undo our brains".

Who would have defined that certain features would separate certain people from belonging to our group of people,"they look different from us and so we think of them as opposed to us".

The next set of questions would be
What was trade and who was trading with whom?
What were people interested in,would they have shut themselves up to any news about any new thinking and any new personalities?

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