Friday, November 28, 2008

VP SINGH and lk advani

Vishwananth Pratap Singh was prime minister from december 2 1989 till november 10 1990 when his government fell because the bharatiya janata party withdrew support over the arrest of lk advani in bihar while on his rath yatra.
it is not a coincidence that VP Singh died on the day when the final act of the episode in our history which began with the rath yatra of lk advani was being enacted.
the rath yatra of lk advani imprisoned sections of the population within a misinformation and misinterpretation of history,wherein sections of the hindus and the muslims were led to believe that the so called hindus did not deal with situations as they saw fit during the medieval era.
this imprisonment saw sections of the hindus reduced to frustration and sections of the muslims losing their grip on reality.

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