Tuesday, November 4, 2008

raj thackeray

the reactions and statements of laloo yadav,nitish kumar and paswan might have sounded a bit like adding fuel to the fire.
but,the scenes in the railway station where some cadre of the MNS were beating up candidates from bihar was the original and the grave provocation.
those scenes will arouse anger in most people and they had been preceded by similar scenes.
that was an event which signalled a descent into violence which was what would have occurred to rahul raj when he picked up a gun.
raj thackeray has proved himself to be an inept politician and his career will most probably not pick up.
all he had to do was lead a procession to the venue of the recruitment and court arrest and spell out the facts of the injustice being meted out to the local people.
his lack of calibre has led him to acting and pretending to be some kind of a gang leader,he might have some reason to act in this way.he might have felt sidelined by the film industry.
he should immediately understand his limitations and work out a plan of action whereby he should decide whether he wants to work all over maharashtra for the issues affecting the people or whether he wants to remain like his uncle,an urban leader of a group of people who are addicted to threatening the innocent and the minority.

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