Sunday, November 30, 2008

lashkar e toiba

the bravehearts of the lashkar e toiba have the steely calibre which allows them to gun down defenseless people.
it also helps that they see every other people as being inferior to them ,as these other people have developed methods of fighting which include sparring with opponents who also possess arms.
the superior people of the lashkar e toiba view it as a sign of weakness if they are seen fighting opponents who are armed.
hence they select spots where people are found in large numbers and either place bombs and watch it from a distance or use ak 47 s to shoot them down.
it also helps that these other people have been created by someone other than allah.
"we are the lashkar e toiba,we deal in death,of innocent defenseless people,please do not consider us to be deranged,we are in it for the business part,nothing personal".

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