Thursday, November 13, 2008


the violence at the government law college brings to the fore the extent of the underlying hatred that exists based on caste divisions.
such a deep hatred might be understood if it is local with respect to a dispute over a shrine or a land.
that it is deeprooted among the students studying in chennai is a shame for the community leaders who use their communities to attain power and position.
there is no basis for any caste division except that of different areas having different networks of families and relations.
there is no hierarchy in saivism except whatever has been smuggled into the south by the vaishnavite intrusions.
the challenge facing the leaders is clear,to remove the poison once and for all.
this episode is a watershed event in that it will begin the process of debate about caste and about the historical time period when the writings of manu were inculcated into the landed elite by the vaishnavite design.
while every citizen will be pained by the events,the vaishnavite might even be feeling satisfied at the fruition of the seeds which were planted seven centuries ago.
it is time for vaishnavism to consign manu to the garbage dump and practice their religion by keeping it separate from politics and the angling for the prominent position of the past.
their adherence to the bharatiya janata party will reap a violent harvest.
the likes of cho ramasamy and subramanian swamy who have subscribed into this effort are doing great damage to the ancient culture by portraying it as an aryan one.
jayalalithaa should introspect about her actions, all premised on coming into power and nothing else,not even on the issue of the suffering tamils in eelam and the hatred of caste divisions.

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