Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tamil Eelam

THE HINDU has written about the need for the President not to be seen as favouring any particular party in his actions.

The newspaper,at this point and probably earlier,is seen to be siding the sri lankan govt in its war with the LTTE.

Our country got itself involved in the sri lankan dispute and the fallout was the loss of a dynamic and a young leader,an ex prime minister.

7500 LTTE cadre have lost their lives in this year alone,

Do the people who claim to be against the LTTE wish for the wiping out of all the remaining cadres.

Would they prefer a quicker and decisive victory for the sri lankan govt?

They might as well come out with banners stating KILL THEM ALL.

The LTTE is nowhere near to being a terrorist organisation but some personalities in Tamilnadu and elsewhere ,only have this label to cling to in their analysis of the scenario in Sri Lanka.

The USA and Japan were at war which resulted in deaths of people in the hundreds of thousands.

Are they not having a peaceful relationship today?

The Indian govt was at war with the entity of Tamil Eelam,the mismatch between the protagonists resulted in the LTTE resorting to an assasination of a towering leader of India which probably fulfilled their objective of getting India to stay away from the dispute in the island.

Various Indian dynasties were at war in the medieval era upto the 1800s,

Are we not all coexisting today?

The LTTE remains steadfast in its demand for Tamil Eelam whereas other groups have not been able to sustain their energies towards that goal.

This cannot be used to justify an argument that the LTTE does not represent the Tamil people.

The gun culture which was forced upon the Tamils results in intra disputes being disposed of by the gun.

It is the result of an abnormal situation which has prevailed in the island from the sixties.

Any sensible person will not try to portray the LTTE as a terrorist organisation.


Anonymous said...

Tamils raped and killed by singals

bhatiya said...

Dont you know N Ram of Hindu is paid by Mahinda Rjpakse to support Sinhals???

samurai said...

i cant believe that.

bhatiya said...


you better believe it-- to boot N Ram already received two highest Sri Lankan ' Awards ' equivalent to our Bharat Ratna from Mahinda R.
Now you tell me what has NRam done for Srilanaka to deserve highest award?? Only one answer--give and take.
There are many other evidence.

samurai said...

i can guess that u r from a league which is forever feigning.
am i correct?
anyway,THE HINDU is renowned for its excellence in reporting the issues.
in this present issue of the war in sri lanka,i m not in agreement with its stand.

bhatiya said...


Read this report in full, then come back and repeat what you said ok?
Its less than 1 week old, a bit long. Then you decide what options Tamils have got..I am waiting.

samurai said...

the present regime in sri lanka is destined to self destruct itself and its vision of a sinhala state.

there is a lesson in these self destructive acts for the bharatiya janata party and its followers.
truth will always triumph.

one tet offensive by the LTTE will probably result in an independent tamil eelam.

what i cannot understand is what is it that you are driving at.
i thank you for providing the link to the report which is a documentation of the thinking that a religion,a culture and a language can be strengthened by hitting out at imagined enemies AND the cruel and tragic outcomes of such insanity for every section of society.
the sinhalese never had and do not have any arguments except those providing for EELAM.

bhatiya said...


I think we are in same boat. The Sinhalese regime is so cruel and evil that I am willing to allow the violent defence by Eelam fighters-- they have been left with no choice!
My original point was: N Ram denies any wrongdoing by Rajapkse govt against Tamils, and at same time receives awards from Rajapakse without any contribution to srilanka--hence my inference that he is paid.

samurai said...

war involves death and destruction and there is no point in holding the LTTE responsible for acts of violence,it is not a democracy like INDIA but a war zone,one of the most violent ones in the world,
THE HINDU s views of the LTTE are expressed as if it is normal times.
the sooner tamil eelam is established,the better for all on the Island.
THE HINDU might have now realised that the people of Tamilnadu know that the LTTE is the bulwark against sinhala oppression.
Tamil nationalism is being brought up as an argument when it does not exist on the ground.

bhatiya said...

please read above article to find out why even Sri Lankans think N Ram is paid by Rajapakse to toe his line.

samurai said...

have i come across you earlier?
your focus on sri lanka might have enabled you to arrive at a judgement of the situation.
If every media house starts responding to the direction in which the people are moving,THE HINDU can be commended for bringing an alternate viewpoint.
but these awards seem to be a case of overplaying though NRAM might be trying to tell the world that he walks the talk by accepting these awards.
the situation on the ground surely did not necessitate such ceremonies and awards,only if NRAM is convinced that the tigers are the sole villains of this tragedy,which is also the opinion of the leaders of the congress,the aiadmk and the bjp.
all of these opinions are supposedly based on the assasination of RAJIV GANDHI which has to be put behind us,not out of any disrespect for the dynamic leader,but as an outcome of a war.
some people are using the assasination to ensure their own goals arising out of their own insecurities and frustrations.
the question that raises itself to these political leaders who just attack the LTTE and feel justified is
what about PRE RAJIV GANDHI and POST RAJIV GANDHI,who has been fighting for the tamil cause in a conventional war.