Monday, October 6, 2008


there was a report that prostate cancer can now be detected in ten minutes.
the western economy seems geared towards addressing the symptoms rather than the causes.
if the causes are found out,how can we have the growth that these detection systems provide .
so many people are working in the companies that make these machines and countless others are involved in selling these.
this seems to be the way of the capitalist system.
even if there is a way to prevent these cancers,nothing should be done as that would affect the economy.
how can we have growth if there are no people with cancer.

what is needed is a balance between detection and prevention.
do the economies of business allow such a middle path.
this is where the intervention of government comes in,there are lessons to be learnt from cuba.

the most hilarious part of the entire financial crisis is that former goldman sachs employees are being taken in to work out the repair plan.

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