Monday, August 25, 2008

murder of innocents

a mob attacks a group of karsevaks which results in the deaths of 59.

the mob is made up of criminals who have broken the laws.

the next day,bigger mobs assemble at different places away from the scene of the original crime and kill innocents who have no connection with the first attack.

the same events are being repeated in orissa today.

one group attacks and kills in one event at one location.

in the name of reprisal,people totally unconnected with the original incident are attacked and killed somewhere else.

a feeling of insecurity is what is behind these attacks,which does not allow the groups involved to look at the original events as the crimes they are.

everybody has the right to propagate their religion,if there exists a doubt that illegal means are beiing used,the proper way forward is to file a complaint with the police who will investigate and book the offenders.

if the area of contention is out of the reach of law,violent clashes can be expected.

why do innocents have to be targeted who are doing the propagation within the law.

a big issue is made up that conversions are taking place.

there is nobody who is stopping the hindutva groups from doing their own propagation.


POOJA NAIR said...

I feel that thankfully, Hindutva does have a reasonable amount of opposition...

that post of mine has given me insights on how Hindutva functions..

it's amazing.

They twist history; ignore news channels; quote vague historians; bash school text-books; exhibit a deeper knowledge of the Quran; call you names if you disagree...

It's hilarious!

Anyway, I am happy to meet at least one person who holds on to his sanity and common sense, when bombarded by bizare facts and ilogical conclusions and rude abuses to top it all...

Good to meet you, my bogosphere friend! (if i might call you that :))

samurai said...

the blogosphere has been almost taken over by the hindutva forces,
where hatred and extremism reign,it is refreshing to find a friend,amidst all the din of who is superior.