Sunday, August 24, 2008

community and country

is a hindu ,christian or a muslim going to different heavens/hells in different galaxies after they die?
it does not seem probable that after the setting up of hindu rashtras and islamic republics on earth that they are guaranteed separate existences in the afterlife.

while existing on earth,why do they then want to exist isolated from each other?

is the isolation and the purity going to continue in the afterlife.

if there is administrative inefficiency or if one group imposes its writ on other less influential groups,there exists a case for smaller units.
telengana has been arguing on the basis of underdevelopment.
jammu has been agitating on the basis of misperceptions.
it should be proved conclusively that a smaller unit will bring in better administration.
jharkhand and chattisgarh have gone from bad to worse after gaining statehood.
what were the grievances of jammu which could not have been resolved in the assembly by the elected representatives.why do the kashmiris remain adamant and insist on azaadi.
there have to be a list of actions which were inflicted by the majority which were designed to destroy the identity of the minority.
the jammuites are making a lot of noise which is solely based on their perception of receiving lesser attention and importance.
a case has to be built up whereby it is convincingly argued that a particular region will be better off if it exists independently or separately or whether the actions of the majority have gone beyond the chance of coexistence.
a particular event cannot be grasped at and used to call for separatism.
resorting to violent means without first making out a case and then using the fallout to justify separatism is also not the proper way to go about things.

even if it is conclusively proved that a particular group of people have a separate designated destination for the afterlife,they can learn to live amongst others.

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