Sunday, August 3, 2008

bull in a china shop

a bull is a decent creature,something else should be substituted,in the context of the amarnath disturbances.
the situation in the state was getting back to real peace after exemplary efforts by the army.
the divide is being widened now by this uncalled for agitation.
the bjp always selects hopeless issues ,which are designed to rouse passions.
the people of jammu have representation in the assembly and kashmir is limping back to being another state in the country.
the people in the valley have lived through a decade of life under the army,the pandits have become refugees.
at this point when everything was about to change for the better,this has begun.
why does land need to be under the control of the board?

shyama prasad mukherjee rushed into jammu at a most delicate point in the developments and
died an inglorious death in a prison in kashmir.
the pressures that the establishment has to overcome and withstand are enormous.
it is unfortunate that we have a party like the bjp which rakes up every possible crisis in the management of our country.
it manufactures insecurities where none exist and actually is responsible for a splintering of everything that is and has been going on well.

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