Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clash of the Titans

Prakash Karat and Dr Manmohan Singh represent the brightest minds at the helm of affairs in our country.
They have collided over the nuclear issue and there is a cutting edge to the confrontation.
One cannot stand the other,the short term has gone to Dr Singh.
The Congress seems to be on an upswing with the left doing all it can to shoot itself in the foot in kerala and to an extent in WB.

Both sides are eager to have a go at each other with Kerala and WB going to witness the sharpest contests.
The lefts setbacks in these states could be offset by gains in Tamilnadu and elsewhere.
The left has to address the situation in WB where its attempts to shift gears has been sabotaged.
Idealism survives in India to a large extent due to the communists.
Compared to these two titans of our times,LK advani comes nowhere near their convictions and standards.

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