Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bjp supporters

They are saddled with the twin burden of targeting their opponents on two flanks.
They have to target the congress for appeasing the minorities because the minorities constitute the sole voting public in the country.
If people of the majority community had the right to vote,this charge would not have found takers.
In this flank,another line of action is to target the congress for lacking in stallones and arnolds.
The bjp has the one man force of namo,the destiny of our millennia old civilisation has come to
rest on the deserving shoulders of this man, the eleventh avatar of lord vishnu.

The congress could get its members to watch the rocky series to develop the muscle.
In the same flank,the bjp by way of inheriting the ram franchise,is supremely clean and pure.

The other flank is where the Bjp runs into rough weather,as it has people who are ideologically
committed and who are able to repel the fine arguments of the bjp supporters.
This has been recognized to be a sterner and sounder opposition which is not bothered about niceties.
The strategy used by the bjp supporters in this flank is to accuse the left of owing allegiance to
china.The youth especially,have started to believe it with full conviction.
The dictum in this flank is,if u cant beat 'em, beat 'em by inventing fantasies and believing them.

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