Friday, May 23, 2008

The pitfalls of religion

The abuse of the gifts of comprehension that nature has bestowed on us continues with the neat segmentation of humanity into followers of this book or that book.People who are not imprisoned by any particular book seem to be the ones that are living a life of peaceful co habitation.The religions of the books are always engaged in spoiling the peace that exists among these people by proselytizing in these areas.The fight over the supremacy of these books is interlinked to the cultures which produced these books.It is due to the need to establish the superiority of one race or class over another so that the economic domination that is enjoyed by that particular race or class continues.The search for newer economic activities is accompanied by the endeavours to spread the books around.

Religion would have come to the rescue of mankind if it had helped in developing a devotion and a simplicity.The books have instead been aiding mankind to fight it out.If a tradition is helping its followers to be satisfied with the great gift that life itself is, it can be said to be the traditions that are not bound within one book.

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