Sunday, May 18, 2008


The Political scene in our country consists mostly of leaders who do their utmostto get into government.A person aspiring for a career in politics can join one of the various parties or can contest as an independent candidate.There is a good salary and a pension and the other benefits continue even after demitting office.The laws should be made to allow a person only two continuous terms in any elected officeA third continuous term should not be allowed.After the gap,a fresh two continuous terms should be allowed.These things come to mind after looking at the harmful consequences that willbe effected on the country by an opposition that is desperate to get into power.
The janata party government would have continued were it not for the inability of advani,vajpayee and others of the jana sangh to relinquish their membershipof the rss.If these people had considered the nation to be bigger than their membership of the rss,a better two party system would have evolved over time.These same people are now pretending to be supreme nationalists.When the need was the most,they could not set aside their membership of the rss for the larger national cause.The lok satta party started by dr jayaprakash narayan has emerged as a pioneeron the way to begin and run a political party.
Advani and vajpayee were bested in their game of political mobilisationby vp singh in the late nineties,through the implementation of long needed reservations.The only thing that was not going for the bjp was its plan of creating a hindu bloc of votes.The requirement for reservation was genuine and it was a move in the right direction towards making the hindu religion egalitarian.If the bjp had really wanted hindu unity,it would have applauded vp singh for implementing the mandal commission report and a grand coalition would have been developed.It would have tried to convince its upper class backers that the time for sharing the pie and shedding the charade of superiority had come.That would have been their passport to greatness.That could have been possible if they genuinely supported the recommendations of the mandal commisssion.But the Advanis,vajpayees and the rss had other things in mind.The opportunity to develop an alternative to the congress was again lost due tothe secret ambitions and motives of the bharatiya janata party,or atleast the urge to rule the country singlehandedly.
It was only in the late nineties,the third time around,that the people from the rss realised that they had to let go of their fantasies to get to continue and finish a term in office.
A person aspiring to get into politics,when faced with a heavyweight from the congress has always had atleast one or two parties to choose from.The people that select the bjp are mostly those that have felt a need to continue the status quo of caste and religion.A person with progressive ideas and an open mind will find the indian national congress to be the ideal party.The openness and the freshness in the congress cannot be matched by any other party.There is no baggage of ideology which acts as an albatross.There is no hidden agenda which has the capacity to reduce the membersinto a jarring shrillness.
The only problem that could arise in this scenario is the lack of space for newer candidates in each constituency.The BJP in its quest to be in power has developed into a party which cannot take a long term view of the effects of its sophistry.It is amazing that this party has started pretending that it is the best choice for the nation when in the past it has been unable to make the necessary compromises in the nations best interests.The party does not realise the need to develop harmony in society,all it can think about is power and the shortest way to achieving it.

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