Saturday, May 10, 2008


kalaignar has made two statesmanly interventions in the last month.
he took the wind out of the sails of the yeddyurappas in the hogenakkal issue leaving commentators like cho joining the predictable chorus of kalaignar having betrayed the tamils.
the most crucial wise words from kalaignar were about the infighting in the eelam ranks.
it was something which was needed for a long time,a call to the eelam tamil organisations to
start acting differently.
the grip of violence on the mind leaves no space for a middle and balanced approach.
the votaries of subhash chandra bose and bhagat singh commit the grave mistake of diminishing the superhuman achievement of mahatma gandhi.
bose and bhagat singh were supreme heroes who continue to inspire the youth.

the wall that was demolished in usilampatti could not have been allowed to exist.
that would have meant a negation of all of the achievements of the last 100 years.
the vaishnavites who introduced the four grades concept into the dravidian land and the brahmins who act as the torchbearers of vaishnavite thinking find it easy to portray these episodes as the oppression of the caste hindus.
"it is not we that are fighting them".
the problems arise from two communities coexisting from long,but the equations getting equal of late.

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