Sunday, April 6, 2008

There's only one way

Why do we need multiple parties if development is the only criteria?
China is being criticized over tibet,if the tibetans have been brutally suppressed like the kurds were under saddam,the criticism would be valid.
The BJP has stoked the hogenakkal issue now,has tried to stall the sethu project,has promised ST status for the gujjars and has taken out rath yatras and sponsored violence.
All in the bid to attain power.
Intelligent politicians have to be alive to issues that can promote the interests of the people and act as a binding factor.
The BJP has been found to be totally lacking in this aspect.
All that it ever does is go back to issues concerning religion but during its reign it allowed pakistan to intrude into our territory and set up well equipped bunkers,parliament was attacked and the jammu and kashmir assembly was also attacked.
The BJP has thus proved itself as lacking in leaders with substance as well as being pathetic in administration.
Yet,the party has the loudest sound bytes,ravi shankar prasad was seen reacting predictably to mr jaiswals observations about madhya pradesh.

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