Thursday, March 20, 2008


The members of hinduism,christianity and islam should come out on whether they believe that the followers of each of these religions have different creators.
Are there three or more gods,each for each religion?
Three or more creators,each for each religion?
Some beliefs might be old and some recent.
Each is a way of thinking which helps man connect with the supernatural and higher power.
What then leads some people to talk about their religion becoming the universal religion,or some to ridicule the beliefs of others and others to then start killing for the supposed insult.
If there is one god,one creator,a person who insults the beliefs of another is actually targeting that one god, one creator.
Nancy Pelosi talks about conscience when five years of war have ravaged the people of Iraq.
Did christianity help in moderating the arrogance that has come out of power and domination.
Osama bin laden has spoken about targeting europe.
Has islam helped in moderating his recourse to violence ?
If he was fighting against american imperialism,why does he bring religion into it?
Is there a different god,a different creator for the arabs and the americans?
It has always been the same,when power is concentrated in a single person or a country,it is used freely against the powerless people or countries.
If forceful or spurious methods are used to convert people,they can be reported to the authorities.
If someone has denigrated another religion,he can be reported for disrupting social harmony.
When someone is getting converted through the inducement of materials,it is easy to deduce that he is not fully connected to his religion.
The new religion might help him to develop a new confidence or he might feel them to be the same.
If a tradition or a religion is felt to be losing its dynamism,debates and discussions should be taken to the people.
Groups aspiring for power and control will resort to violence instead of debates,in the name of religion.
Osama Bin Laden might actually have aspired for control of saudi arabia.

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