Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bal Thackeray

A misplaced superiority complex can be seen in his referral to the politicians who have left bihar in its present state.
There are simple enough steps that can be taken if the shiv sena feels that marathi is losing its pre eminence.
There is no need to get excited and paranoid like the way bal thackeray is getting worked up and is sending his thinking down to the cadre.
If these were medieval times and maharashtra is ruled by a monarchy from the hindi heartland,the present outcry of the thackerays could be understood.
In those conditions,the thackerays would have been appreciated for raising a voice for the cause of marathi.
The politicians in charge of maharashtra and mumbai are all marathi people.
If the chief minister was a person from the hindi heartland,such a movement would have had some appeal and some logic.
Bal thackeray will enhance his image and that of his party if he participates in the chaat puja celebrations.

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