Tuesday, February 5, 2008

lingua franca

a language should be sought to be resurrected by promoting it,not by targeting another or its practitioners.
cities like bengaluru and mumbai need to develop mechanisms through which the government provides free and quality training in the language of the state.
advertisements could be made for classes on sundays which teach written as well as spoken skills.
every language and culture is beautiful in its own way and migrants should be encouraged to converse in the local language.
that will remove a lot of the frictions.
raj thackeray has to be faulted because he could not control his movements descent into violence.
he has to take responsibility for the ugly incidents inflicted on the poorer sections and has to apologise immediately to the nation.
a brazen ness can be detected in the reports coming on tv.
it will do his party and his cause no good if he sheds decency ,civility and statesmanship.

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