Friday, January 4, 2008

eelam leaders in chennai

the leaders of the tulf,plote and erplf were in chennai warning about the dangers of supporting the ltte at this juncture.
they have got their timing wrong as they appear to be in a hurry to establish themselves at a time when the tigers are at a low ebb.
but even if the ltte were on a better footing,such moves and statements would still look less than credible.
a balancing act has to be attempted by these leaders.
there have to be ways for them to open channels of communication with the ltte.
douglas devananda had said that he would withdraw from politics if prabakaran were to participate in democracy.
these leaders have to start communicating with the ltte in a private debate or issue appeals to the ltte in the absence of avenues for communication.
for them to insist now that all is actually well is disingenuous.
everything seems to hinge on the lttes inclination to accept a federal structure.
what could be the intentions of everyone at this juncture,a solution or a leadership position.
there has to be a reaching out by the ltte also.
it would not appear to be weak were it attempt to reach out.
underlying issues should be brought to the fore.
the ceasefire was a good foundation from which things could have been developed.
transparency could have created a better chance but with the govt stating that it intends to target prabakaran,another war has broken out.

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