Friday, December 21, 2007

Rajiv Gandhi and Velupillai Prabhakaran

it is a monumental tragedy that got Rajiv Gandhi embroiled in the lankan mess.

efforts should be made to get over the tragic past.

Prabhakaran has been leading an armed struggle which has resulted at times in the killing

of other leaders of armed movements.

it probably stemmed from an attempt to demonise prabhakaran though i cannot recall the exact situations or reasons.

the ltte and the telo were equally popular in the eighties with the plote and erplf remaining at a lower notch.

the ltte has had a leadership which was more known to the public eye.

the killing of rajiv gandhi had some conspiracy theories surrounding it with international threads.

the ltte has offered a very slight hint of remorse in the recent past.

the tragedy of Rajiv Gandhis life with rivals sparring with him at the first available opportunity and willing to wound him is a painful memory.

in one term in office,he imparted a dynamism which was the foundation for all the following growth.

the miley sur mera tumharaa series on dd and rajiv talking in the un were inspiring moments in the life of our country.

the sri lankan military seems convinced that it has gained a decisive edge.

the shrill nationalism witnessed in sri lankan politics will not allow a just resolution of the conflict in the scenario of a defeated ltte.

if there is a just peace,what will be the contribution of the ltte towards having achieved that even if it is weakened and defeated.

will that contribution be acknowledged by the sri lankans?

in a democratic setup,we are witnessing a massive increase in the number of parties and a consequent deterioration in the quality of governance and the law and order situation.

mayawati is coming to the south and will surely create a further fragmentation of votes.

one has also to consider the motivations of the people joining the new parties which are coming up by the day.

is there an ideology behind these new parties?

democracy does not require a statement of ideological positions.

in the fight for tamil eelam,there have been many cases of murders among the tamil groups.

what stands out is that no one can seek to exclude or isolate or diminish the role of the ltte.

it will be fine for diplomatic and intellectual posturing but the ltte was the force on the ground .

better methods can be found to convince the ltte to change its stance.

Rajiv Gandhi and Prabhakaran were involved in a war which resulted in the death of Rajiv.

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