Monday, August 6, 2007

al qaeda threat

The latest threat by al qaeda has spoken of india and kashmir.what do they want to target.they have targeted the twin towers,urban trains and holiday resorts in addition to american embassies and the pentagon.
does this group have any achievable objective and a practical destination.what was their motive in attacking the twin can be guessed that it was to get the americans to leave saudi arabia where they have been based since the first gulf war.that doesnt make much sense because the americans were not occupying saudi arabia and neither were they committing atrocities there.the royal family in saudi arabia is the logical choice if that were the case.
this group has given a religious colour to political conflicts.a suicide bombing on supposed enemy soldiers can be justified.targeting and killing civilians is a shameful act.
if the group sincerely wants to resolve conflicts,it should address its broadcasts to muslim religious leaders .it should ask the imams and ayatollahs to issue calls to desist from targeting civilians wherever they may be.
every society has conflicts of various types.democracies have a lot of methods and options to resolve conflicts.the americans have blatantly interfered with democratic societies in south america.their intrusion into the middle east was facilitated by saddam and 9/11.having created the conditions for american interference,al qaeda set about fighting the occupiers.
al qaeda seems to be trying to win the mantle of a pan islamic fighting force and to anoint osama bin laden as a caliph of some sort.the project envisaged is similar to what hitler had set out to achieve.he targeted a community and went to war to rule the world.
these kinds of projects involve leaders with immense power in their hands.hitler was the undisputed leader in germany and osama had financial power.
these things happen because too much power has been allowed to be concentrated in one person.
indian democracy might seem to be wanting in tough situations but it is the best design for handling conflicts.the american model has allowed power to be vested in one man.
the american president had arguments of politics to back his actions whereas osama bin laden
has no argument for targetting and killing civilians which indicates cowardice and insanity.

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