Friday, April 27, 2007


i ve been browsing and the tv was playing in the background.the nokia ad with the line 'there s a thing in my pocket' came on.the music in the ad suddenly brought in a melancholic was a sudden moment .it suddenly brought a picture of the actions of men and women all over the world,the emotions ,the ups and downs,the joys,the upheavals all suddenly came in a flash to the mind,me logged on to the web,seeking something,so many people in the same moment all over seeking,trying churning.and there s no stability somewhere,sometimes s a great ad.i dont know how the concept was developed,but it clicked in that moment in my mind.

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Shagufta said...

Yup, seen that Ad today... I lost my 'thing' today.... my lifeline... I could sense that loss in advance I guess! I am at a loss for words... A part of me is lost forever! I have worst headache today. Wat a horrible day it was!