Monday, April 23, 2007

oliver stone ,rahul gandhi

oliver stone is making a film to try and mobilise opinion for getting the u.s out of iraq.the democrats surely look like they will withdraw from iraq if they reach the white house in seems impossible to predict how iraq will look in 2010.there was a debate in cnn-ibn about the compatibility of islam with democracy.the one place where democracy looks to have a future is indonesia.the bickering politicians in bangladesh seem to have deserved what they have got.the fractiousness was absolutely overtook the animosity seen between bhutto and nawaz sharif in pakistan.i was thinking about the pakistani mindset which created the conditions for military can be imagined that they felt threatened bytheir big neighbour and that fear has robbed them of perspective,overpowering all other indian leader reaching out would surely be appreciated in the beginning but after the initial honeymoon,the military in pakistan and the bureaucracy in india ensure that nothing is achieved.musharraf certainly looked genuine when he voiced despair at the lost chance in this bleak scenario,rahul gandhi's statement would have contributed to consolidating the conservative opinion in pakistan.
but it was made necessary owing to rahul s political need to neutralise the right wing which looks in the ascendancy due to factors like anti-incumbency and the reservation issue.

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